Date Format issue

I have a problem with a Dashboard where the date displays incorrectly in dd/mm/yyyy format. The date displays correctly in other areas of the App and in the source Google Sheets.
The problem occurs when I edit the date in the Dashboard table - It only accepts dates in mm/dd/yyyy format. An error message says “Incorrect Format” when dd/mm/yyyy is entered.
If I edit the date in the AppSheet emulator using the date Picker for the same Form - it works fine. The date e.g. 28/8/2020 is displayed in the dashboard when I refresh but can be edited to dd/mm/yyy.
I have checked my PC regional settings, Google Sheet settings, Chrome Language settings and they are all set to local UK/Ireland settings.
Can anyone suggest a way to fix this.
Thank you.

Hi Pat, I have a similar problem. Please let me know if you find how to fix the date format shown by the App.

If you’re using the app in Chrome, there is a known bug with Chrome that causes incorrect localization. If I recall correctly, Chrome reports en_US as the locale for any user-configured locale beginning with en (e.g., en_UK). We’re waiting for a fix from Chrome developers.


Thank you the above.
I certainly will post the solution here if I find one.
I will continue to search and if Chrome developers fix this issue it would be great.

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Hi Steve
Just to confirm your suggestion re Chrome Issue.
I tested the App in Firefox and there is no problem entering the date as dd/mm/yyyy in the same App and same table.
In the meantime will have to enter the date in long format or perhaps as I only need the month in this case, I will provide a dropdown with the 12 months to choose from.
Hopefully Chrome will fix this issue.

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