Date format

Hello guys,

I have a virtual column with:
CONCATENATE([DATE]," - ",[Name])

The date in the date column is dd/mm/yyyy.
In the CONCATENATE column is mm/dd/yyyy.

Why and any idea on how to fix it?
I want dd/mm/yyyy.

(in Google Spreadsheet is also stored as dd/mm/yyy)

Thank you!

Write it as TEXT([DATE])&" - "&[Name]. TEXT expression convert your date value as your locale settings.




It doesn’t work.
The purpose of the column is to be the Label.

Changed the label from the virtual column to the local column [Date] and the format is the right one.
Back to the virtual column (TEXT…) still wrong.

You’re welcome

I have edited my previous reply :frowning:

With the virtual column, use DAY([Date])&"/"&MONTH([Date])&"/"&YEAR([Date])

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