Date Formatting in VIEWS: How can i change t...

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Date Formatting in VIEWS:

How can i change the format of DATE and TIME values that are shown in a table view? For example; the default for date seems to be "DD/MM/YYYY’ which for me takes up too much ‘real estate’ in a table view. And for TIME i want to display in 24hr format … not like 11:19 AM, the the same reason.

Thank you in advance.

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Thanks Suvrutt !

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For displaying date and time formats in proper manner ,please also go through following article - Locale Support in AppSheet Locale Support in AppSheet

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If you wish to have date format as dd/mm/yy format,you may wish

use the following expression in a virtual column of text type

=(LEFT(Text([Date]), 6))&RIGHT(Text([Date]), 2)

where [Date] is date column.

You can display date in different formats say DD MMM YY etc. by using expressions.