Date+Hour not appears on the app

Hi everyone !
I ask for your help about how to make appears a date + hour.

As you can see on the picture, the column type is DateTime but, on the app, nothing happen…the value still “jj/mm/aaaa --:–:–”.
I don’t understand why it doens’t work…

Thank you for your help team !

Hi @Marco1212,

I’m intrigued with the “initial value” + “formula” attached to your field, as shown in the picture with yellow label.
What do you want to do : set an initial value, or set a formula ? :slight_smile:

If I’m correct, I think you want to remove the “formula” expression, so that the initial vale can be written.

Let us know if that works for you !

Cheer/ à bientôt :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi !
You was right, it works now ! It put the good value on this column for each pick up.
Thank you / merci bien :ok_hand: :smiley: