Date issue

We have created a application for work allocation. The process is that, after completing the work the employee need to fill the form and submit. In the form we have column"Submitted date" and i have put a formula Today(),but the issue is when i reopen the form for review the submitted date again changed to current day.Anyone please advise me a solution for this

Possibly your TODAY() expression is placed in AppFormula property of the [Submitted Date] column. Move that to Initial Value property. AppFormula expressions are auto-computed when you Edit the record, where Initial Value expressions only computed when the form is firstly initiated to create a new record.


For reference:

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In my form question i have 3 options like “in progress”, “Completed”, “Hold”. Is it possible to my app user can select only select “completed”.


Our issue is under work status category we have 3 option " in progress",“Completed”,“Hold”. When i assigned the work to the particular user he can possible to select " Completed" only. Means not possible to update “Hold”, “In Progress” status.

Do you have any formula for this

It’s possible but there are a lot of ways to provide that depending on your app build, app structure and of course table schema. For example; if you somehow have a Users table that have the user emails and their roles, then if your [Status] column is an ENUM, you can use below expression in the Valid_if property of that column:

// Assuming that there are 2 roles: user & admin
    "user" = LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),"Users","Email","Role"),
    {"In Progress" , "Hold" , "Completed"}