Date-Range doesn't work on a Report

Hello community:
I have a very strange question about date ranges in a report. I am creating a report with the finished appointments of a company, the user can choose the date range that he wants to save in a PDF and a couple of more criteria.
However, something is not working when I ask you to filter a range of dates (From-To). The strange thing is that the criterion “From” does it correctly, but when I apply “To”, the report does not filter and add all the records until the last recorded date of the table. Has anyone had a similar problem and solved it?


Maybe the below suggestion will work or may not work. Could you please try your AND() part of the [Fecha] as below?


Only please try to change the [Fecha] part in the expression,

Also in ORDERBY() last [Facha] , please try to change it to NUMBER(TEXT([Fecha], “YYYYMMDD”))

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[_THISROW] is missing from your formula. You need to use [Fecha]>=[_THISROW].[Fecha_Inicio] and same for the other one.


This was exactly the problem, thanks!!! :wink:

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I did what you indicated but the error persists, although the logic of the solution is correct (I tried it several times), it seems that you have to indicate with the prefix [_THISROW] of the field in the reports table for it to work. Anyway, you helped me with the conversion that I am using in other report. Thank you. :smiley:

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Thank you for the update.Nice gesture on your part to update both the respondents. Appreciate it.

As usual, one of our most senior community guides @Aleksi correctly caught the issue.

My suggestion was based on the probability that the two compared dates were not in the identical format of “dd/mm/yyyyy” while being compared in the START Expression.

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