Date Range Filter for Dashboard

Hi All,

I’m looking some expression which filters date range from past 30 days, which means I want to show a graph on the dashboard which has last 30 days data and in my data structure I have only one column for the date range called “DATE”.
So the start date and end date will be from one column only but the date should automatically pick today’s date and past 30 days.

Please let me know if there is any expression for this use case ?

Faraaz Shaik

For filtering data from the past 30 days from today, maybe something like:

  ([DATE] >= (TODAY() - 31))

To show a graph, you’ll need your data in a table or slice. To filter the data so you only have the last 30 days, you’ll need a slice. Use the slice’s row filter expression to choose which rows to include in the slice. The row filter expression will look similar to ([DATE] >= (TODAY() - 31)), as @Heru suggested.

See also:


Thanks, Heru. filter works perfect !!

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