Date/Time Appearing strangely on spreadsheet


So I want to show date on my spreadsheet but its appearing strangely- can anyone advise why this is?
I’ve attached a screenshot of the issue. Any help would be great! (also for the appsheet it should just be date, not date/time for the column!
Screenshot date issue|645x500 )


What you are seeing is a date serial which means that your Date/Time column is not properly formatted in your spreadsheet. Format your Date/Time column as per Date.


Thanks for your help.

I changed my spreadsheet column to ‘Date’ and on Appsheet gave it the formula TODAY().
Still is showing the serial number! :frowning:

I’ve had things like this happen to me. Long story short, there’s some meta-data or something inside the column’s data that’s getting in the way.

Try this… and it sucks, but it works:

  • Insert a new temporary column
  • Inside this column, use the formula:
    • where “column” is a cell reference to the one with the serial number date.
    • So, for example, if my dates are in column D, and I added a new column E, my formula would be:
  • Copy this formula all the way down the sheet for each row you have data.
  • set the type of your new column to date
    • this should give you your dates as seen as dates.
  • Copy the entire new column you made, and paste it OVER the original column - replacing it’s data.
    • So, continuing our example from before, after dragging the formula down all the rows
    • I copy the entire column E
    • and paste is over the entire column D.
  • Then delete your temporary column.

This should result with the same data, but in the appropriate format for your sheet.


Thank you! I will try this and let you know.

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