Date value cannot be converted to Date type, API & Localization bug?

I’m trying to run a webhook to interact with appsheet API to add new rows to a table. In the table there is a [Date] column, that is a Date type column. In the JSON body I put

  • “Date”: “<<TODAY()>>”

And when the webhook runs it throws the error

Error: Value ‘20/01/2020’ in field ‘Date’ in table ‘Maintenance’ cannot be converted to type ‘Date’.

If I remove that part of the JSON, and just rely on that column’s Initial Value setting of TODAY(), it works fine.

I’m wondering if it is some sort of locale conflict, since the app is based off of Google sheets with French timezone in their settings, and loaded into the editor with the French locale setting, whereas I am in the US and use MM/DD/YYYY.

Put it like this in the JSON
"Date": "<<TEXT(TODAY(), "dd/mm/yyyy")>>"

Good thought @LeventK, but it throws the same error.

Actually I just realized that I put

“Properties”: {“Locale”: “en-US”},

in the JSON. Did it just as a placeholder when I first created it since I didn’t know other locale codes off the top of my head. Changed to “fr-fr” and it works fine now. I found locale codes here: