DATEADD() expression

I would love to see AppSheet create a DATEADD() expression that allows you to easily add (or subtract) time in different types of units (minutes, days, hours, months, etc…)

It would look like this: DATEADD([date], [#], ‘units’)

So… DATEADD(TODAY(), 10, ‘days’) returns a date that is 10 days after today.

See the way it is used over at Airtable:

I have found working with dates and times to be difficult so anything that makes it easier sounds like a good idea to me. The example you gave, that is, adding days, is currently the easiest one. Adding hours and minutes is harder, though, of course, it can be done:

Add 10 minutes: TIMENOW() + "000:10:00". Good for any number of minutes less than 60.

Add 10 seconds: TIMENOW() + "000:00:10". Good for any number of seconds less than 60.

Not great, but it’s something… :confused:

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If it is something and it works, than it is great to me… :wink:

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