DateTime column limitation

Hello everybody.
How can I limit the selection to just two time stamps?


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Please make it clear as to what you mean by two timestamps.

Do you mean

1)any date and just two times?

  1. Just two date time stamps together, meaning something like just two options “01/01/2021 09:00:00” and “12/31/2021 10:00:00”

  2. Or anything else?

Assuming you wish to have option 1 above, it may be a better idea to separate the Datetime type column into two columns, one each for date and one for time.
in the time column you could have a valid_if expression something like LIST(“9:30:00”, “17:30:00”)

This will look like below

Also, you may find a lot of related references below that will help you in your AppSheet journey.


Yeah, thanks a lot. It is much easier with separate it in two columns.

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