Datetime field - better to split to two fields

My app users claimed he could not pick a date for 2019 for datetime field. After investigating the case and check with, found out it is possible, but not user friendly for i phone users.

When the user interact with app on PC, date picker will pop up and can navigate previous/next year easily though calendar UI.

However when using App on I phone (i m not testing Android, so this is only applicable to iOS.), the data picker slide comes up from the bottom.

But no indication about “YEAR” for I phone default data time picker.

It looks like there is no way to pick year value through the datetime picker, but it is possible. For instance, we need to go all the way down down down OR up up up wth date part. Then we are able to move to previous or next years, althogh I phone does not indicate such.

It is option to leave App and data field leave as it is, but I decided to separate the field into two, Date filed and time field.

When we have datetime picker on iphone, no “year” value on we play with portrait mode. Switching to landscape with a “hope”, but unlucky. The datetime picker stays same.



Thank you very much for pointing this out.
On Android there are no such problems.
You can easily change the year.


What does “FYG” mean?

For your guidance.

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