DateTime field with App Formula change every time when edit form

Hi guys,

I have a form with some fields and a field “DateTime_Closed” with app formula “now()” so users can’t edit that field, I save the form, all good.

But If I open the form to make any edit to the same record, the field “DateTime_Closed” takes the current date-time, changing every time I edit the form.

Not sure if that is the way the app formula should work but meanwhile I “fixed” putting this in the App Formula:

“IF( ISBLANK([DateTime_Closed]), NOW(), [DateTime_Closed] )”

Yes, that is the expected behavior of the App Formula and your expression is one way to resolve it.

But, if you are setting the [DateTime_Closed] column when you create the record, instead you could set the column to “not editable” and set the “Initial Value” property to NOW().

Initial Value is set in the form ONLY when the row is new. Normally a user could then change the column but when setting it to “not editable” a user would never be able to change it.


Thanks @WillowMobileSystems!