Dear All, I am making an app for my contracti...

(Mayank G) #1

Dear All, I am making an app for my contracting business. Multiple projects with each having 2-3 activities, out of a list of 40-50 activities, are going on at any time. Each activity has 3-5 steps before it can be considered as finished. Now after choosing the project name in view 1, in the next view (view 2)I want: Activity 1 (only those activities should show here that are relevant to this project) Activity 2 Activity n

When any activity is clicked, the next view (view 3) should have the number of fields as the

number of steps relevant to finishing that activity In each field, the quantity done on that day is filled and Saved, leading to the previous view (view 2) for filling out Activity 2 and so on. Problem:

How should I organize the database How to have varying number of fields in view 3?

Thanks in advance.

(Steven Coile) #2

Projects table with ID (Text, KEY) column.

Activities table with ID (Text, KEY) and Project (Ref to Projects) columns.

Steps table with ID (Text, KEY) and Activity (Ref to Activities) columns.

You should probably spend some time reading the documentation, starting with APP DESIGN | AppSheet Help Center

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(Mayank G) #3

Thanks Steve. Much appreciated!