Dear all, In the form view design, we can se...

(Jerry Lan) #1

Dear all,

In the form view design, we can set the row key to edit an existing record.

Picture 1: I f i set the Row Key to “TEMPORARY SITE OFFICE” , it works!

But Picture 2 does not work

Picture 2: I set the Row Key to column [AREA] but I get the error as in attached.


(Steven Coile) #2

The Row key field is for forcing the row key to a specific value whenever the form is used. For ordinary form use, you do not need to set the Row key, as AppSheet will handle it for you.

Not knowing what you’re trying to accomplish with setting Row key, I would suggest you leave it blank and see if the default behavior suits your needs.

(Jerry Lan) #3

Hi @Steven_Coile…That’s right! I want to force the row key to specific values only !

Lets say I have a project with only 4 main activities. I want site engineers to update what happen to their respective activity (1 of the 4 ) on a daily basis via a form with daily updates nested in-line. If it was only

1 activity, I will just force that 1 activity. But for 4 activities, the engineer need to select 1 of the 4 activities first, and the form will go to that activity for update. I will try if function, see if it works.

(Steven Coile) #4

@Jerry_Lan I propose there’s likely a better way to accomplish the site selection. Perhaps letting them choose the site from a table view? Or make the site a drop-down (using Valid_If)?