Dear all, I've created a prototype app and ...

(Kenny Tung) #1

Dear all,

I’ve created a prototype app and wanted to share with users who are using emails other than gmail.

However, when I share the link to their email, upon installing the app, they’re only prompted to sign in with google authentication .

Only when they sign in with any google account and logout thereafter, the other authentication methods are then available.

However, even going this route, my users received an error that they are not authorized to use this app.

Anybody facing similar issues? I will try to replicate the problem at the meantime with documentations to better illustrate the issue faced.

Thank you !

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Kenny_Tung,

If your users are from multiple authentication providers apart from Google , then could you please ensure you have selected option as “Any Provider” under Security - > Require Sign in–>

Authentication Provider

Of course the authentication provider needs to be one of Google, Bropbox,Box,Office 365,Smartsheet, Salesforce.

Please go through the article below - Granting Application Access

Granting Application Access

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #3

Hi @Kenny_Tung, Also please note the features and number of users allowed on prototype app at - App Maker Pricing - AppSheet under “prototype for free” App Maker Pricing - AppSheet