Dear Appsheet Community, I face an issue whi...

(Ahmad Saleh) #1

Dear Appsheet Community,

I face an issue which is existed in the following picture " online

reference" was written two times, Why??? is it due to selecting

the two box

" external lunch & hyper link"?, I need it to appeared one only with an external lunch with hyperlink,

who can

I get that.

Please help,

Ahmad Saleh

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Ahmad_Saleh Could you try changing the app formula of the column to the following:

HYPERLINK(“”, “Lab Test Online”)

Here’s the syntax of the HYPERLINK expression:

HYPERLINK([Url], [Link Text])

The Url will be the Url of the external page, while link text will be the user-friendly text displayed in the view.

(Ahmad Saleh) #3


everything is okay, But I have another problem, which is not loading to the website, see the picture please

(Ahmad Saleh) #4


here is the formula inserted

(Ahmad Saleh) #5

@Harry Yes, NOW its working, I should removed the true text from the above picture, and used formula alone.

Regards, Ahmad Saleh