Dear Appsheet Team, I am trying to build inv...

(My Report) #1

Dear Appsheet Team,

I am trying to build inventory which the stock keeper has an OUT link to serve a single requester can ask up to 3 or 5 item in single transaction. The idea is every item, barcode can scan and automatically all info of item related to barcode will cease, the the requester just change qty. But I wanna this repeatlly until 3 or 5 items.

is there any simple way for this, without create 1_barcode, 1_name…2_barcode, 2_name…5_barcode, 5_name on coloumn apps ?

I tried ro create using Item (enum) button 1 to 5, so if I press 1 will record based on coloumn parameter for item 1, but without press save, I can not record item 2 to 5.

Build with prefix 1_barcode…5_barcode, will too long scroll.

Is there any command to handle more simply ?

Thanks for anyone help…

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Create a related table for this purpose and then you can add as many items as you need. You can read more about it from this article… - References Between Tables References Between Tables