Dear AppSheet Team, Is it possible to save a...

(Etwo Cargo) #1

Dear AppSheet Team,

Is it possible to save a data to two different sheet after press save button?

Example; There is a data which has details about client [name, surname, address, tel, mail etc.]. After press save button

name and surname to sheet 1 address to sheet 2 tel and mail to sheet 3

(Grant Stead) #2

Well. Yes. It’s just difficult. And, it points to your database designed inefficiently. You would use an action tied to the save event, to data change on a set of rows. I forget exactly what type of action it is…


is there a strong reason why you would want these records broken up across three sheets?

might be another to handle it?

Such as having a single master sheet, and if you need parts for others reasons to be separated, you could easily just add Query formulas to automatically create the “parts”.

Less complicated to set up in appsheet, and I would think less of a performance hit to sync.

you may have a need to split like this, but just had to ask :slight_smile:

(Etwo Cargo) #4

@Mike_Adler Big data will have inside of the main sheet as you mentioned. So, what if user want to see, check and share with other users tel and mail contacts only? By App over phone!


In appsheet, Slices and App formulas can be used to display only the information you might want to show in an app view.

And in the google sheet, i would use Query formulas in other sheets to “reduce” what data is shown there.

That way master data exists only one place.

(Etwo Cargo) #6

@Mike_Adler Seems Query is best solution for now. Slices is not solution i think. Slices can be use for answers [mens rows]. My questions are on columns.

Am i right?


Slices handle both Rows AND Columns.

To included only some ROWS, use a “Row filter condition” -True/false expression that checks if a row should be included in the slice.

To include only some Columns, just delete the columns you don’t want in the “Slice Columns” area.