Dear community, As we know, search option is...

(Abu Md. Moniruzjaman) #1

Dear community,

As we know, search option is available in table or gallery view.

I want to create a search based app & want the same ‘search’ option

in separate view. How can i do this??


(Fernando López) #2

What is the use of case? Could you explain

more detailed?

(Abu Md. Moniruzjaman) #3

I hv 2 table Approved & Rejecte.

I want the user will search any of its column name or value of the column, and it will search both the table & show them the result…

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Have you tried to use the new assistant feature?

(Abu Md. Moniruzjaman) #5


yes i do. I need more clarification regarding assistant. Can u link me any doc?

(Fernando López) #6

Like @Aleksi_Alkio said, Smart Assistant View could be your answer. Here is more information… Smart Assistant View

(Abu Md. Moniruzjaman) #7


So it can navigate to a table, column or value (label). I face some problem, it can’t get the spelling right as a result values r not coming…

I wish, If i can use the search filter !!