Dear Community: I just read in the blog an in...

(SmartD) #1

Dear Community: I just read in the blog an interesting case of using applications in a construction company, but I do not really imagine, nor understand how they have been able to solve the problem of the slowness of the application as it has thousands of records and without leaving of Google Sheet. In my case I have synchronization times greater than one minute and the application only has 3 dense tables with approx. 5,000 records each. I have already tried decreasing virtual columns and spreadsheet columns, but there is no significant improvement. Can someone share their experience to see how to reduce these times when working with high volumes of data and without leaving Google Sheets?

(Bellave Jayaram) #2

I would say a lot depends on what formulas you are using in the VCs. Reading 3 tables of the size you have in parallel is usually less than 20-25 secs. Can you say more about the performance numbers you are seeing?

(Simon Robinson) #3

To add to what @Bellave_Jayaram says, I find that formulas in Formatting stuff seem to be very inefficient.

Also that Security filters are worth looking at for reducing the size of the tables read and therefore the number of formulas it has to pre-calculate

(SmartD) #4

@Bellave_Jayaram Thanks for your answer. What performance data do you need to help me understand the delay?

(SmartD) #5

@Simon_Robinson Thanks a lot for your answer. It has a lot of logic what you indicate about the security filters. Unfortunately I could not find in AppSheet examples of how to use them and the theory that there is not enough for me. You could expand more what you indicate about Formating stuff? are you referring to UX/Format Rules?