Dear Community: I will appreciate your help i...

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Dear Community: I will appreciate your help in the next topic. I made an application initially with the name of “Taller Mecánico” but then changed the name to “Cotízame”. The problem I have is that every time an error occurs the screen refers to the application “Taller Mecánico” instead of “Cotízame”. I have changed the name to the folder and the file in GSheet but the first name does not disappear. Does anyone know how to make the name of the application that appears on the error screen with the current name of the application? Thanks in advance. Attached image.

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I’m 99% certain, that you can’t change the initial APP name. (The APPname as to my knowledge serves as the unique identifier of your app, thus it can not be changed)

However, if you want a different name, you could always duplicate the app. There you will be asked to give your APP a new name.

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Thanks for your answer @Jonas , but I propose to wait for the response of a moderator (like @Aleksi_Alkio or @Levent_KULACOGLU) to be 100% sure

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^^ feel free to do so.