Dear Community, I'm hoping that someone can p...

(Rohon M) #1

Dear Community, I’m hoping that someone can please help me, I have two questions. First question I have primary view in a table layout, I would like to know if can create a tap and expand within this table layout while not changing the data. eg I have Chapter 1 and under a chapter one I have index codes 0101, 0109 I’d like to be be able to tap and expand to show the items under Chapter 1 and then tap and it return to Chapter level within the same table view.

Is there a way to dictate the type of search the App can preform? I’d like to be able to search by ISBN index code eg. 0101 and also search by description ‘Pyramid books’ can you change the way the app searches? or have search by code or description

Thanks and kind regards

(Reza Raoofi) #2

The first question is not possible currently; the closest to that would be drill-in grouping in table views that will appear when you have more than one level grouping.

As for searching, there is an attribute for each column that you can set in table’s column structure; it is called Searchable, by defaults all columns are searchable, unless you uncheck that option, then search bar (magnifying glass on top) will not search through columns that are not searchable.

(Rohon M) #3

@RezaRaoofi Thanks Reza. I’ll look at the adding an addtional column and using a heading instead to improve it. I was aware of the searchable boxes. Do you know If there is a maximum level of rows that the search box search in one column? Because my search is not bringing all the possibilities.

(Reza Raoofi) #4

No, I haven’t heard of such maximum limit; can you provide more details and the exact case that you believe the search result has been limited?

(Rohon M) #5

Hi Reza thanks very much for your help I ran the data again and it works now Thanks again