Dear Community: Thank you very much for your ...

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Dear Community: Thank you very much for your help with the following topic: I am trying to restrict the editing of a record only to its creator. Does anyone know how to do it? Thank you,



I am no expert here, but if you add a column to your data source with default value to be = useremail() then you could check that user email column in the editIf condition?

Not at a computer, so hoping my short description gives you some ideas

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@SmartD add a [Created By] column to your table with the initial value of USEREMAIL() and you can set Show_if to FALSE if you want to hide it in the form and then you can: 1.) Slice the table with USEREMAIL() OR 2.) Set a Security Filter with USEREMAIL() OR 3.) Set each column’s Editable_if property in the table’s Column Structure to [Created By]=USEREMAIL()

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Hide the action button with the condition rule [CreatedByEmail]=USEREMAIL(). It won’t show that action button if you are not the record’s creator.

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thanks for your answer. @Levent_KULACOGLU

thanks for your help @Aleksi_Alkio I follow your instructions and it works perfectly. Thanks a lot!