Dear Community: There is an app for Apps Crea...

(SmartD) #1

Dear Community: There is an app for Apps Creators called “Features Requests app”. It has a button of action called

“Follow”. If you mark this button (inside of a comment) the app sends you mails with

comments of other people make to the comment marked. Someone knows how it can be implemented in an app? Thanks in advance.

(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #2

@SmartD The app has a Notifications table with useremail, topic key and type (notification/email) columns. Whenever a user clicks the follow button, we add a row with the user’s email. A few workflows and reports are fired on different cases (Status change, comment, dev comment) and send the email or notifications for all the following users with this expression:

Select(notification[email], AND([topic] = [_thisrow], CONTAINS([type], “Email”)))


Hi @SmartD It is probably a Workflow.

(SmartD) #4


Yes it is a workflow. My question is how to do it?

(SmartD) #5

@Gil_Littman_AppSheet Thanks, but it is not clear yet. Do you have a sample app?

(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #6

Unfortunately we don’t have a sample app since there are few features used together, and we try to keep the sample apps simple.

(SmartD) #7

@Gil_Littman_AppSheet Thanks a lot for your answer. I will try to follow your instructions above. If I had problems, I’ll let you know. Thanks again.