Dear friends, There is form view and i am ad...

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Dear friends,

There is form view and i am adding data via that form [normal steps]. A name, B surname, C contact…and then save. Is it possible to have details if i write same name in column A? I know that not possible to save same name. Just i want to edit it.



contact ABCD


123456 KLMN



when i write ABCD system need to show me details of ABCD and then i will change something and then save

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You can write below expressions in Suggested_Values property of ColumnB and Column C



And in Initial Value you can use ANY() expression to select the first valid value from the list

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@Levent_KULACOGLU Dear Levent, Shall i write both of them in same [suggested_value] section?

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Writing both of the expressions to same suggested_value property (that means you concatenate 2 lists) gives you nothing. The first SELECT is for ColumnB’s suggested value and the second one is for ColumnC’s suggested value.

The first SELECT will filter ColumnB values as per your choice in ColumnA and the second one will filter ColumnC values as per your choices in ColumnA and ColumnB

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@Levent_KULACOGLU Wow supper. What about if i have 40 column? Is it means that formula will be much big? :slight_smile:

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Es besteht keine Notwendigkeit, die Grenzen zu erzwingen😊 Translate

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Haklısın. Kusura bakma. Translate