Dear team, Copy the row to other table when ...

Dear team,

Copy the row to other table when user press the action button. Is it possible?

Maybe if you use LINKTOFORM and passing parameters, but the user have to click on SAVE manually

@Etwo_Cargo it’s possible. You need to use the AppSheet API. Take a look at this page: Example: Copying Newly Added Records

This functionality should be available directly early next year.

Hi Aleksi,

Just catching up on the Copy Row To function on this.
Do we have any update, I think that this will be a great function and will be very useful for the likes of archiving data.


Any update on this copy rows function?
It would help me too thanks!
Cheers, Colin.

Hi @CondoColin
This is now available, see it in the list of actions.
Check out this link

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Well done! Thank you for your help and developing!
Cheers, Colin.

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