Dear Team, What key should be used to get ca...

(John Henry Joseph) #1

Dear Team,

What key should be used to get carriage return (second line). I have many items as a field like Name, Age, Sex, Designation. Now i want to build a Deck information like Name | Age | Sex | Designation This will be too lengthy. so i want to make it two lines if i could include line as ASCII key?

Please help.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

The age you can show with the summary field. Sex you can show with an icon. Name and designation you can show with those two lines.

(John Henry Joseph) #3

Thanks Mr. Aleksiā€¦ This one is sorted out. I have been looking for you for another problemā€¦

(John Henry Joseph) #4


I have list of questions for different type of equipment in a table (1) Fields : Qcode, Equipment Type, Questions

Another table (2) for transactions.

Row Id, Equipment Type, Questions, Answer

My Requirements in Transaction Table

  1. The Questions should be pulled from the Table (1) (drop down) that match with Equipment Type. (This is done). 2. While answering each question, the answered questions should not appear in drop down. (looking for help).

How can i achieve this please.