Decimal Digits

Hi All,
I have this Type Details setting . and i have the column out - column in.
the answers always in Whole number. why it does not show the decimals?

If you’re subtracting one time from another, you’ll be getting a Duration-type return value. Those are in the form of HHH/MM/SS, and do not include any decimal points I don’t believe. Wrap the subtraction in the HOUR() expression to just get the hours component. Then maybe you can concatenate on the decimal “.” , and “MINUTE()/60”

Hi Marc
i have this already in my formula:
IF(ISBLANK([Date and Time Out]),00.00, Hour([Date and Time Out]-[Date and Time In]))

The screenshot of the columns appears to be of the spreadsheet, not the app. The app format settings shown in the second screenshot in no way affect the presentation of values in the spreadsheet.

Hi Steve,
as i have replied to Marc the actual app formula is this:

To get partial hours, I believe you want to replace the HOUR() portion of your expression with this:

...(HOUR([Date and Time Out] - [Date and Time In]) * 60  +
    MINUTE([Date and Time Out] - [Date and Time In])) / 60

Keep the IF(ISBLANK(),... portion as is,

Basically you are getting the Hours of the Duration and converting to minutes, adding that to the Minutes of the Duration and then converting the total minutes back into hours.

By the way, you really only need to do this if you want to later use the Hours value in a calculation. If you are only interested in displaying the Duration of time from start to end you can simply do this:

[Date and Time Out] - [Date and Time In]

This will give you a display value like “006:47:00” - hours and minutes AND I believe in the columns you can “turn off” the seconds portion

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Awesome John!
You and Steve among others have been instrumental in my journey in this app of mine.

much thanks.