DECIMAL Expression

Hi. Can someone tell me what is wrong with the below expression? I keep getting this error “Arithmetic expression ‘([Used] > 0)’ does not have valid input types”

IF(AND([Used]>0, [Have not used]>0), ([Used]/([Used]+[Have not used]))*100.00, 0)

Could you please mention the column types for columns [Used] and [Have Not Used]

You all are so super smart. I just looked and it was set to text. I changed it to decimal and all fixed. Thanks so much!

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Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar see screen shot below

Could you please elaborate on why i keep getting NaN for this. the number is portrayed as the following


This is what i need to show.

I believe your content of “Secondary Code” is not in decimal number format because it has two decimal points at two different places.

I presume you are not using this content in any mathematical expression.

If so , please try to make that column in the child table and the same column that you have referenced from the parent table as text type.

Edit: NaN means “Not a Number”