Decimal fields and data validity

Hello everyone,
I’m setting up an app to feed data into a Google spreadsheet (locale settings in italian), the column for which I have trouble has data format “number” and decimal separator “,”.
Table settings in Appsheet are correctly in italian as well.
Column setup is done as per attached screenshot, with the setup the expected behaviour is:

  • decimal separator required “,”
  • 3 decimal digits required
  • invalid entry message in case “.” is used as separator or there are less than 3 decimals

Instead the behaviour I got is:

  • the system recognize only “.” as decimal separator
  • if data are typed as 0,365 the entry is allowed (no error) but on the spreadsheet the entry is reported as 365,00
  • if entry is 0.365 the data is correctly shown on the spreadsheet as 0,365

How can I fix this issue and make “,” as only accepted separator in the app field?

Thanks a lot.

Have you tried to make the format in Google sheet as “Plain Text”?

Hi @Heru, I did but the behaviour is the same as I described.

I did a test as shown below:

If your Chrome/Browser have already been sets to the same locale with the google sheet/table setting, it should shown like that.


I just saw you decimal setting, this is my setting, perhaps this is the issue.

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I’m completely lost now, I tried to use your settings(not clear why should I use 0 decimal digits when my value normally has 3) but currently I think there’s a bug somewhere cause on the app preview on the browser if I use dot it’s ok, if I use comma show invalid entry message, on the same app version on the iPhone always show invalid entry message in both cases.

You probably right, however, I have no further input to give. Perhaps wait for others to give the correct suggestions?

The Numeric digits, Show thousands separator, Display mode, and Decimal digits properties only affect the display of the column’s value by the app; they have no effect on how the values are stored in the spreadsheet nor how the user’s input is interpreted.


Values are displayed by the app to the user according to those settings, with further guidance from the locale settings of the device. The locale settings for the spreadsheet and the app tables have no effect on the display of values.

Likewise, user input is interpreted according to the locale settings of the device, without regard to the spreadsheet or the app itself.

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