Decimal type column Step change validity check

I have a column with the following specs:
Type = Decimal
Minimum value = 0
Increase/decrease step = 10
Decimal digits = 5

It’s used as part of a number of different tests we want the user to perform. So sometimes the answer will be 0.33411 and others times 43. The user wants it to increment in steps of ten so the later is quicker to do. But if I choose a step value of 10 and the answer is not divisible by 10 then I get "This entry is invalid". This seems illogical as surely any such validity check should be in the Valid_If formula?

What happens if you type 10.00000? Is it valid then?


@adam Any thoughts?

Is this related to below feature request from @Marc_Dillon?


Yes, exactly that.

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@praveen I think you had interpreted this setting as a data constraint, but I suspect most users just expect it to affect how the + and - buttons work. Since we do already mix presentation options in the column settings, maybe we should reinterpret this one?