Deck View: Adding 2nd text column breaks app view linking functionality


I appreciate any assistance.

I have followed the guidance here, and it works perfectly:

Here’s my sheet:

Menu Entry Image App Link
Menu Entry 1 Image Link #view=ViewA
Menu Entry 2 Image Link #view=ViewB

This works great, but I’d like to add a 2nd text column. If I insert a column to the right of “Menu Entry” and call it “Submenu Entry”, this works perfectly as well. I regenerate columns, and now this view shows the subtext as I want.

The issue is when I add this 2nd text column, clicking that entry no longer takes you to the app view, now instead takes me to a detailed view for that entry, instead of actually performing the app view deep link.

I’ve verified that before and after the column changes, the column with the app link is set to = “App”. Deleting the column and regenerating fixes it, the app links go back to working but no more sub-text. I’ve tried to move this 2nd text column’s sequence in the table to all positions, no change.

What am I doing wrong?


What is the Behavior->Row Selected setting for the deck view?

Set to auto - I can confirm it’s also set to auto when the 2nd column is in place. It made me dig deeper.

When 2nd column not in place
Available Drop down for ROW SELECTED >>> “Open URL (App Link)”

Added 2nd text column, regenerated columns
Confirmed app link functionality no longer functioning
Confirmed the App Link column still has type = App
Available Drop down for ROW SELECTED >>> “Home” and “View Map (App Link)”

It seems that the 2nd text column has removed the “Open URL (App Link)” option from even being selected.

Did “Open URL (App Link)” disappear from Behavior->Actions when you added the 2nd column? That would be very weird if it did.

It didn’t just disappear, there is no such action under that Table’s section. I see the ViewMap.

Another Table has the action:
Open URL (App Link)

Here’s a screenshot:

The action is also no longer there under Behavior for that view, but again… still working perfectly. As long as I don’t add the 2nd text column:


Something seems off here. Regardless, you can just create your own action LINKTOVIEW, or LINKTOAPP that uses your App Link column, then set that action as the Row Selected action.

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That worked perfectly, thank you sir!

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