Deck View - Allow user control over width of Summary field


The default width of the Summary field is limiting. There is usually, in my experience, room for more info in this space as the Primary Header doesn’t normally take up the entire row even on the smallest of screen sizes. For example, if I try to use totals as the summary, say for an order record (reasonable summary data, right?), if the values get in the tens of thousands, they get truncated because the default width is not sufficient.

Having wider Summary fields, suddenly opens it up to a wide variety of usages. By allowing user specified widths, control is in the developers hands as which field displays its entire value - Primary Header or Summary.

If the summary field was expanded to 8 digits we could fit in a date or unique ID


Please fix this. This is end user consumed information and they are the ultimate customers for AppSheet as well as us developers. It is important that the UI be pristine to compete with other vendors. When something as simple as a summary field cannot display the important information a customer needs, they lose faith and seek solutions elsewhere.

My original request is to give developer control over the width of this column/field. I still believe that is the best option but understand that is more labor intensive.

In the meantime, please at least expand the static width of this field. Attempts to get data to fit by removing dollar signs and/or decimals or reducing the text size just simply is not good user experience.

I think the field size should be able to accommodate currency amounts in the hundreds of thousands - $ 999,999.99 - at the “normal” font size. Larger amounts can then be displayed in Thousands, Millions, etc and would be more palatable for end consumers. This should also provide ample space for dates with slashes. Wider is better IMHO - even up to 50% of the line.

Example bad display from editor - Note that on an iPhone 7 I see even less!!



I’d like to bubble this back up to the top again. The limitations on the size of the Summary field are a bit…frustrating and reduces capabilities of the Deck View.



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I’m surprised this request doesn’t have more traction.

On some devices, the date in the summary field appears as 04/05/20… It feels like the truncated 21 is basically the same width as the ellipsis. :man_facepalming:t2: The summary field could definitely use more real estate, even if it’s just a little more.

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