Deck View and Virtual Columns

I have been trying to develop an app for quite a while now and finally began to make some good progress however I am finding AppSheet very frustrating in one regards.

I have a Deck View as an inline view within a details view (The details of a box and a list of its contents) and for each item I am listing the quantity as the summary column. However i find the small number squashed over to the right quite hard to spot so I added a virtual column that adds "Qty: " before the quantity and I show this instead. In the preview all looks good until I save. After saving the contents of the summary column just appear to vanish and are not displayed.

Any ideas on this? What could I be doing wrong here?

I worked this out. I was using a show_if and only allowing the virtual column to be displayed on this inline view. That does not work! I reveresed the logic of the show_if and hid it everywhere else.

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