Deck view columns not showing all of a sudden - what has been changed

I have several apps set up the same way. the deck view uses columns that concatenate name and address or address and postcode. These were showing fine in the deck view but now have all disappeared.
It seems the issue is that they are selected in the deck view set up as the header and sub header but as they are not marked to show they are now not showing. sounds logical but they were set that way as I dont want these showing in the form view and it DID work and has been working for a long time but now something has changed. Please can someone tell me what ?

Hi @Ellie_F
Not sure what is happening there but if you allow show but dont include those columns in your detail view does that work?

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my typo sorry its a form view they are showing in that i dont want them showing in.
the form is for them to add new jobs. the deck view then shows the list of jobs.
the list showed the concatenated address and postcode. if i mark this now to show then it shows in the form but i cant see how to stop this.

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Ahh ok. Maybe in show if Context( “View”) <> Form


Thank you so much for your help. I will give that a try. I wondered if I could do that but wasnt sure how to create the formula.
thank you

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I’m not sure what I am doing wrong but I cant get that to work :frowning:

I believe what @Lynn meant was , you could try

CONTEXT(“ViewType”)<> “Form”


CONTEXT(“View”) <> “Your Form View Name”


this second suggestion worked perfectly . I’m now off to try to fix all the other app affected the same way. many thanks for taking the time to help me


You are welcome. Nice to know it helps you. I may mention here that @lynn suggsted the solution. I just made a correction in his minor typographical error.


honestly grateful to you both as I couldn’t have found a solution without this.