Deck View Inline Action for child record appears during config but not when parent/child view is used

Hello, I have a parent/child scenario where the child records (set to isPartOf) are displayed in a deck view. I have a inline action I want to display on that deck view and see that it displays in the editor as expected during configuration. When I save the adjustment and open the full parent/child form to view the changes the inline action isn’t visible.

-the inline action is a simple status change
-the inline action has no conditions
-tried display prominently and inline on the action - neither display
-show action bar for deck inline view is set
-correct action is selected for the deck inline view

Any thoughts on what I could be missing?

ok might have found the problem. Is it possible to have a child deck view inline action icon appear during form entry?

What I do if I need the Action to show in both places is duplicate the Action. Define one as 'Display Prominent" and the other as “Inline”. I will rename the Inline action to include the text “…(Inline)”. Inline name doesn’t show anywhere and this allows me know the actions are the same.

For example, I have an “Assign” action and an “Assign (Inline)” action. They both do the same thing but one is shown the Deck view the other is shown on a Table row.


Thanks John, will any of them show in a form view?

Ah, no. I was thinking Detail view.

Actions are not made available in Form views and I’m sure that is by design.