Deck View to Go Directly to Detail View Only When Populated

I have a table called PROFILE which is set up as a DECK VIEW in the menu bar.
Once the user creates a PROFILE, I’d like for the DECK VIEW to disappear and go directly to the DETAIL VIEW once the user clicks PROFILE from the menu.

The DECK VIEW serves no purposes anymore once the profile is created. It’s just another view in which the user has to click on their box which then takes them to the DETAIL view. A two step process. I wonder if it’s possible to cut it down to one?

Is there a way to set up the SHOW IF condition in the PROFILE DECK VIEW which says basically that IF profile is created, then show the PROFILE DETAIL VIEW, else, show the DECK VIEW.

I have the formulation below to determine if the profile is created:



Are you talking about setting the initial view of the app or just show/hide a specific view of the app? If your intention is the initial view of the app, then set the expression below in your Starting View property under UX > Options

    LINKTOVIEW("PROFILE") //Your deck view name;
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Hi @LeventK, I’m referring to a “show/hide” a specific view of the app.

The Starting View is set to my Onboarding view.

Use your expression as the Show if expression for the deck view:


For the detail view Show if, invert the expression:


@Steve, @LeventK
You guys are awesome! I figured out the solution with your help.

You have create TWO views from the SAME Table to achieve this.

MY PROFILE 1 (Display as “MY PROFILE”) and set it as the DECK VIEW.
MY PROFILE 2 (Display as “MY PROFILE”) and set it as the DETAIL VIEW.

It will look something like this when you’re setting it up; however, once the SHOW IF expressions are included you will only see one view for either scenario.

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 10.42.19 AM

Thanks guys!

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