Deck view visual improvements - nested Columns

Hi there,

Since some visual changes have been made on the deck view, as related here:

I would like to ask some further changes, more specifically with Nested columns.

Here is a GIF of what I get, it’s like an order app or inventory app:
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As you can see, the inline view is a table.
My requests for this case are:

  • adapt the blank space under the nested columns, so that the next parent item is not too far away when there is fewer nested items
  • make body table columns alignment consistent with header columns
  • since it’s possible to adapt the column widths for the 2nd, 3rd, …columns, it seems interesting to make possible to adapt the column width for the 1st one as well

Many thanks in advance for your consideration and vote

Cheers !

Attn @Mike_Moss