Deep link URL

hello, i am trying to create a web address that is a deep link to a form with a field pre-filled.
Can someone help me with the last part of coding the link that gets the field pre filled? I can get the first part to the form working, with but what do i add on here if i want a column that has a column name of Client Name to be prefilled with the text IGNORE.


As far as I know, Appsheet is not preparing parameter for the purpose to prefill into the form. However, I thought you can potentially solve the problem by setting up initial value to your target field.

For instance, if you set the initial value for the target fields as USEREMAIL() OR USERNAME().

URL will open the browser with new entry form, but I suppose the USEREMAIL(), USERNAME() value could be cached, or on cookie, then the same value will be used when the browser opens your new form.

Hello, i actually want to use a simple excel file that will concatenate the values from some of the cells into the deep link url, which means there will be a clickable link that someone can click to take them straight to a form with values pre-filled in that form.

Why do you need to create that in Excel? While you can generate it within appsheet app?

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