Deep Links = Deep Confusion... Help!

I’m having a hard time figuring out deep links even after reading relevant documentation. Could use some assistance. Here’s the structure and workflow:

Parent Table/Form - “Timecard”
Child Table/Form - “Fleet Inspections”

In the parent “Timecard” form the employee enters whether they operated fleet that day. If they did, they have to enter the “Fleet ID” and “Start Miles” in the “Fleet Inspections” form via nested form.

At the end of their shift, they have to enter “End Miles” to that days fleet inspection. They click on their timecard in a table view which takes them to a detail view of that days timecard. I want to add an action button to that detail view which will take them directly to the “Fleet Inspections” row related to that particular timecard entry, so they can enter “End Miles.”

I’ve tried a couple of variations of “LINKTO…” with no success. Any guidance and/or explanation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

If you want to go to a particular existing row, use LINKTOROW(). You’ll need to know the key column value of the row you want the user to visit, and the name of the view that will display the row.

Steve, thank you. I tried the following expressions, but they take me to a blank form and not the “Fleet Inspection” form related to the “Timecard” entry:

LINKTOROW([Date/Timestamp], “Fleet Inspection_Form”)
LINKTOROW([_THISROW].[Date/Timestamp], “Fleet Inspection_Form”)

Here’s how my info is set up:

Key column value for the Parent table “Timecard” is [Record ID]
Key column value for the Child table “Fleet Inspection” is [Date/Timestamp]
View I want to navigate to is called “Fleet Inspection_Form” and is a Ref view

The action is on a Detail view of the parent table “Timecard”. I want the action to take me to the “Fleet Inspection” row related to the Parent table’s “Timecard” entry.

What am I not seeing? Thank you!

Does a fleet inspection row with the given timestamp key value already exist? If not, LINKTOROW() won’t work, as its target must exist. If you want to create a new fleet inspection row, use LINKTOFORM() instead.

Yes, the fleet inspection row already exists with its own timestamp key value .

The employee starts the timecard form which captures their clock in time, then, in the same form, they have to answer “Operate Fleet?” If they answer “yes,” they have to complete the nested “Fleet Inspection” form.

They then complete the nested “Fleet Inspection” form (minus the “End Miles” column that they must complete at the end of the day). This generates its own row in the “Fleet Inspection” form with a timestamp key value.

I want the action to take them to this already-started fleet inspection form so they can finish adding “End Miles.”

What is the Ref column in the Timecard table that points to the fleet inspection form?

Steve, your question prompted me to review my Key and Ref columns. Looks like they were set up incorrectly. I made the necessary changes and action fires as expected.

Thank you!

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Well done!