Deep Links in A Table


I have a Table that has two columns. RACE_TRACKS Text Column and Deep Links Colums Type App Column. This table is in Deck View so when you click on the Track will link to a filtered view.


When in the deck view i click on the row, the app cannot display the filtered view.
This message pops up:

What do you expect to happen with this portion of the expression? Perhaps you need to review how AND() works?

The expresion is working. I have tried it in a slice

I doubt it.

Do you mean to use:



Yes. That filter expresion works. The deep links either LINTOFILTEREDVIEW OR LINKTOVIEW don’t work.

Unable to fetch app definition.


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Your expression is invalid in several ways, and given the error, I suspect you have it in the wrong place.

Please post screenshots of all configuration involved in this deep link.

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It is not the expresion. The thing wrong is with Appsheet App Filed colum type that doesn’t work.
The deep links just work in the Actions.

Your expression is definitely not correct. Now two people have told you this. Not sure what else to do here if you still don’t believe it…

A possibly 2nd issue is that you’re probably not using the App Type column correctly here. Your screenshots fail to show if there are any App Formulas or Initial Values in the [VIEW_LINK] column, are there? How did these values get to be in that column for those 2 rows. Do you have the literal strings “LINKTOVIEW…” and “LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW…” in as the data points? If so, that’s definitely not correct.

The expresion works in this slice perfectly. So that is not the problem.

Sounds like you know how everything works, so you clearly don’t need my help.


That is your problem how things sound to you. In fact there is another post in this blog with the same problem. I saw it once and i couldn’t find it anymore.

Sure you did.

This was the post.

With this simple expresion also does not work. With or Without app Name.

I think the deep links just work when you add them in actions in the panel Behaviour.

The URls work but you have also to create the View.

So I have to construct views for all TRACKS to work this way or have a form to filter base on a form where the user selects the TRACK.

What intrigues me is. What is the app type colum filed them for if cannot do direct linking to a view?

You’re still doing it wrong.

If you still need help, you could try to answer the questions that were asked of you.