Deep links in e-mail template


I’ve searched forum and found nowhere a positive answer proved it works.
Is there a way to insert a deeplink to app view in an e-mail body template, in order to open the pre-installed app view from an app on iOS or Android device, and not in the browser. There are several general answer here like “yes it is possible” and some links to documentation, but none have actually confirmed it works.

here is extract from documentation which says it should be possible, but I could not get it working:


Launch an App from a provided URL

Sometimes we want to provide a URL to users of an app by email or other media and direct them to a given view in an app that is already installed. This can be accomplished by providing an Appsheet URL.

This looks like a normal URL but is prefaced with Appsheet, for example:

  • appsheet-acabc9d8-3bf0-4de9-956e-1278249066c8://#View=MyFavoriteView

Here we put “appsheet-” then followed it with the appId which can be found in:

  • Manage > Integrations > “IN: from cloud services to your app”

Following that add ://#View= and whatever view you want the app to open up onto.