Deep Links LINKTO___( ) YouTube Playlist

Hey everyone,

Here at QREW Tech a lot of our clients we train in AppSheet have trouble grasping the concept of Deep Links or ‘LINKTO___( )’ Expressions. To help them get over this stumbling block (and similar ones) we wanted to release some resources.

Here is a link to our “Deep Links” playlist where we just released a 4th installment that looks at the LINKTOFORM() expression:

If Deep Links aren’t your cup of tea (QREW prefers coffee), we have a growing library of 30 AppSheet Training videos covering a lot of different topics! We also just updated our QREW Tools Chrome extension which now allows you to view all of your tables (and their column structure), and see a list of all your Views.

We really hope these resources are legitimately helpful, informative and that they help everyone achieve their greatest AppSheet dreams. And their normal Dreams too. So, If you have any video suggestions or constructive feedback feel free to reply here or drop it in the comments!


The QREW Tech team

PS. We even got a slick new YouTube recording set.