Deeplink into html template

Excuse me, I know that’s an old question, I think I have carefully read all the posts but something must have escaped me.
I’m trying to embed the URL to access a record directly by email sent through a workflow.
If I enter this expression in body properties
<< CONCATENATE (“”, [ID]) >>
everything works ,
but if I try to build this into a template

<a href = "
<< CONCATENATE (“”, [ID]) >> ">

it doesn’t work, cause “<” char after href =" is unexepected

I also tried to convert the html to a google docs

& lt; a href = & quot;

& lt; & lt; CONCATENATE (& quot; bd9a-74a4a42e10cb # appName = FAQDL98 & amp; table = Approvals & amp; page = detail & amp; row = & quot;, [ID]) & gt; & gt; & quot; & gt;

< span class = "c0"> & lt; / a & gt;

but also in this case without success, this is the result into the mail
<a href="

Can anyone help me?

I’m afraid there is no way to define custom HTML code in an external template file.

You CAN put HTML code in the “Email Body” field.

The link should be clickable by itself, without <a href
Did you try that?


Basically, it needs to be a plain text file with the .html filename extension.

I see. I suppose I was thinking of putting custom HTML into a GDoc template.

Yeah, that’s what I tried first, too. Took me a bit to figure out the plain text file. :slight_smile:

You might some of these useful: