Deeplink to a Filtered View in another App

I’m trying to link between 2 apps

  1. A Task tracking/allocation app where my field team log in to a store and view tasks that need to be completed for a given client in a given store.

  2. A Product Distribution app where each product can be set to it’s own individual status by Store. i.e. ranged, not ranged, waiting for store to decide etc.
    In this app, I have a seperate row for each Product/Store combo so that it’s easy to update individual products in a quickedit, instead of having form with potentially thousands of products for a single store.

What I want to do is have a deeplink in the Task tracking app that takes them to a filtered Deck view that shows all the products for the Store and Client they are logged into. There will never be an instance where I want to filter the view to one single row for one single product - it will always be ALL products under a client for a particular store.

If they were in the same App, I would use a LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(), but as these are different apps, I don’t believe this has the provision to specify a different app.

LINKTOVIEW() let’s me specify a seperate app and a view, but has no provision to filter that view.

I’ve tried creating a manual deep link, but once again, I can’t work out how to filter any of the columns in the view to just a specific store and client, that is based on the values from the task tracking app.

Am I missing something obvious?

Have you tried to add the Product table to the task tracking app as read only table?


Correct. LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() can only target the current app.