Default Camera to Front Fracing Camera

Have a Tablet Setup in the front office, and contractors can sign in etc, but they sometimes need key-cards if they need to get into the plant. (all Doors are locked until Scanned with RFID.

We want to log these Key Cards. Way to many get lost from contractors etc.

Problem is, when they select the scan icon to scan the QR codes we printed onto each key-card, the camera is looking the wrong way. How would I default this to be on the front? This tablet is permanent so any ideas, 3rd party apps, etc to make this happen by default will work as well,

Any Feedback would be appreciated.


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Bump. Any Suggestions? Anyone?

Hi @Jonathan_S. You cannot change the App used for Barcode scanning. Appsheet is using the Scandit App and implemented it into the AppSheet App.
They perhaps could send you a special APK for your scenario. @Gil would be the right person for that.