Default Image for Drawing

Hi Guys
I’ve read that if I want to show a default image I should just call the image in the Initial Value “baseImage.jpg” as long as the image is in the same folder as the data, it is but the image isn’t loading.


The column is set as ‘Drawing’, could this be the problem?

The Drawing’s Initial_Value expression should be EITHER:

  • A Fully-qualified URL:
  • A Relative Path to a folder/subfolder in your app’s default folder. /TableName_Images/imagefile.jpg

–But the filename alone will not work.

Either upload/host the image somewhere and use the full URL, or store the image in your app first, and then reference that column/row.

If you want the same default image for all drawings, I would host the image somewhere first and use the URL. Here are few sites I like to use:


Thank you, the URL method works fine

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