Default value

Hi all!
How can I put a default value in an editable text field in an already created record?
That is, a suggested value that arises from other data and that is very likely to be the value that must be saved, but that allows editing it in case you want to modify it.

I tried to do it with suggested values, but it works the same as Enum type.
The idea is to see it written in gray on the field.
Like when in a web form they put: Write your name here.

I do not know if I’m clear.

I think it sounds like you want the initial value field

Yes, like that, but editing a previously created record.

To clarify a little more:
The registry was created by another appsheet app.
Then my app must complete other information, such as the name and surname of the person who withdraws. When scanning the identity document these fields are filled in automatically, but if you have an old document without a QR code, you must write a hand, or if another person goes, you must change the name and ID.

In these cases Initial Value has no effect.

Another case in which I need a default value, is when it is not the first time you buy and your email was already registered, you could take the previous email, and if it is not necessary to modify it, you do not have to do anything.

Are you asking for ghost initial value like we use in web-forms? For example there is a name field and though the field is empty, there is a ghost value i.e. Your name here which is a bit greyish and italic. But if the field is not mandatory and the form is saved, no value will be recorded for that field. Is that what you’re asking for?

“Ghost” is not possible, but you could try to use “Reset on edit?” with a formula ISNOTBLANK([ColumnName]). If the field is empty, it will add the initial value, if it has a value already, it doesn’t change it.


As far as the visual aspect is concerned, yes. But in this case it must be saved, since it is not a phantom value, but a default value, which is displayed, and if it is not modified it is saved. It is the same as an initial value, but you can auto fill in at any time, (even when changing the previous field).
It would be interesting if that happened if “suggested values” were a list of a single value.
That is to say:
If the list has more than one value: Show it as Enum.
If the list has only one value: Show it as a ghost. If it is not modified, save it.

That function is new? I’ve never seen her before! I’m going to try it to see if it’s what I’m looking for. Thank you

Aleksi, it was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

You’re welcome