Define how often a workflow should run

I use a Form where the user can define the amount how often a PDF should be printed.
After saving the form, a workflow rule is fired and the PDF ist sent to the Printer’s Email Address.
So if the user set’s the [Amount] to 5, the Workflow should send the PDF 5 times to the printer’s EMail Address.
How could I do that?

I tried several possibilities:

Decrement Count via Workflow
In the Workflow I set a second action after sending the Email: An Action that simply does: [Amount]-1
The idea is: After sending the Email, the Workflow will be triggered again, because the row changed.
Result: Email is sent, [Amount]-1 is done, but no other Email is sent.

Decrement Count via Action
I tried @Steve’s idea Add any number of rows from any row within a table. So by saving the form, an Action is doing [Amount]-1 until [Amount]=1.
The idea is: The Workflow would fire each time the [Amount] changes. So if the user would define [Amount] = 5, then it would fire five times.
Result: The Workflow fires only 2 times: One time when the row is saved and on time when [Amount] = 1. It seems as the changes of [Amount] are happening so fast, that AppSheet doesn’t recognize them.
So instead of going down from 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1, it’s going down from 5 - 1. This is what I can see also in the Spreadsheet.

Using To, CC and BCC
This is the only working solution right now. I set them like this:
To: Printer_Email_Address
CC: IFS([Amount]>1,Printer_Email_Address)
BCC: IFS([Amount]>2,Printer_Email_Address)
Result: This is working, but I can sent the same Workflow only max 3 times.
If I use expressions in “To” like
They will be ignored.

Maybe someone has a Tip for me?

Hi @Fabian,

Request you to explore if following if it helps in any way. I tried to create a test scenario but I believe I will need a deployed app to test CC and BCC emails in workflow. So the following is untested.

Its it possible that you could create action 2 in the same workflow with reaction defined as 'Email" and TO:, CC: and BCC: defined with expressions you mentioned `IFS([Amount]>4 ,Printer_Email_Address)

If it is working, may be you could send emails upto 6 times. Of course , even if working,there could be some possibly limits on how many workflows can be fired in succession from same app?

Thank you @Suvrutt_Gurjar, yes I think this would work. This would be a Workaround.
But I would like to install a system to “print” as many times as desired.

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Hi @Fabian,

I got it. Just in case helps , you may wish to try the following approach based on reference actions between a parent and a child table. Technically this approach can be used for firing any number of reports that one desires.

All the children records (Column name [Counter] in each child record) are set to the identical count from parent column [TargetCount] through reference actions in parent record called +1 all. The maximum that [TargetCount] can be set is equal to number of children records ( 10 in the test app)

Now there is only one workflow rule set on child table to send PDFs as many times as the set [TargetCount] in parent table. The workflow has following condition

AND( [_THISROW_BEFORE].[Counter] <> [_THISROW_AFTER].[Counter], ISNOTBLANK([_THISROW_AFTER].[Counter]), [Counter]>=([_ROWNUMBER]-1 ))

The above expression ensures that the workflow is fired for only those children records where the ( rownumber-1) matches the [Counter] set in child record through reference action. Since child table is only used for firing reports, it is a static table , so row number is used for comparing reports count.

The parent and child table are simple two and three column tables

Child table


If one wants the limit of reports number to increase to 20 , the number of children records and parent column [Targetount] max value need to be 20.

I tested with of course a tiny report based on parent record but fired from above mentioned workflow in children records with maximum of 10 reports fired in the test app.

Edit: Minor edits to description above.


@Suvrutt_Gurjar Thank you very much. This seems to be a solution. But I will need to read it many times to understand. Still learning… :slight_smile:

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Hi @Fabian,

Thank you. If you say you are learning, then I must say I can neither read nor write :slight_smile:

I have copied the test app to my portfolio. You may wish to copy the test app called “Workflow Reference Actions” at Copy App From Here

I had modified a sample app called 'Reference Actions" to do the needful.


Thank you so much @Suvrutt_Gurjar this is very helpful.